Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated Experts of Optometrist are competent enough to diagnose and make appropriate referral in case of need be for surgeries required. Hence, We would recommend to consult us first and then we will refer you to the concerned person by making an account with

Well, you can buy all types of contact lenses. Mainly Soft contact lenses, soft toric lenses, colored contact lenses.
You can also buy Rgp Contact Lenses if you ask your practitioner about your lens specifications.
You can also buy Scleral contact Lenses if you tell your practiitioner to purchase from us or take complete parameters and call us on +91-9999012532 or mail to order scleral contact lenses

Yes, it is completely safe to purchase any kind of Lenses from In case, you are not able to provide lens specifications we will refund your amount completely. The only thing you need to do is write us mail on with your reports.

At we understand your concern if high powers hence it is not mandatory to buy scleral contact lenses. On first instance, you should buy soft contact Lenses only or we would recommend you to consult us online or call on +91-9999012532

It is Unique method to know about child progressive myopia. You have to undergo assessment by filing up quick questions and your Risk profile will tell you whether you should undergo assesment for myopia control with our Doctors. If you get even Low Risk it is advisable to consult us for Myopia Control and for more details kindly read our Myopia Risk article.

Artificial eye is prosthetic eye which is made up hard shell and it gives very good cosmetic appearance. It is usually given in case where eye is enucleated and there is empty eye socket. It is advisable ti wait for 3 months after Enucleation (eye removal) to go for Artificial eye. Yes, you can purchase artificial eye online. But is requires to visit one of Ocularist who takes proper measurement and make artificial eye which matches with other eye. Once you nake the payment, we advise you to reach out to our Ocularist nearest to your city so that you travel less for thsi specialise work.

Vision therapy is performed both online & Offline. Vision therapy is useful in kids as well as adults.
This exercise is used to treat Amblyopia (lazy eye) by having child wear an eye patch over the stronger eye to force the weaker eye to work harder There are many computer based programs that can be used to help children improve visual skills, visual tracking and cordination skills

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Well you can find all images and videos or related topics you want to search for. There are categories and sub categories by which you can search you relevant images and videos.

Yes, it is absolutely mandatory to submit Blogs

Well you can order without Login also or Checkout as guest but we highly recommend you create an account and then order.