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  • Type Sunglasses
  • Model No GU 7348
  • Gender WoMen
  • Brand Guess
  • Frame Material SHEET
  • Frame Type Full Rim, Progressive Eligible
  • Frame Shape Cat Eye
  • Hinge Type Regular Hinge
  • Warranty 1 year

    Introducing the Guess 7348 Sunglasses – a captivating blend of fashion-forward design and cutting-edge eyewear technology. Elevate your style with these stunning full rim sunglasses from the GU 7348 Collection by Guess.

    Full Rim Sophistication:
    Embrace full rim elegance with the Guess 7348 Sunglasses. The robust frames not only exude sophistication but also ensure durability, making them a chic and reliable accessory for any occasion.

    Progressive Elegibility:
    Stay ahead of the eyewear game with progressive eligibility, allowing you the flexibility to enjoy these cat eye sunglasses as both a fashion statement and a vision-correcting accessory.

    Cat Eye Charm:
    Channel timeless elegance with the alluring cat eye style of the GU 7348. This classic design adds a touch of glamour to your look, making a bold statement while complementing your facial features.

    Designer Glamour:
    Indulge in the allure of Guess eyewear. The GU 7348 Sunglasses are a testament to designer glamour, boasting meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define the Guess Sunglasses Collection.

    Trendsetting Fashion:
    Stay on-trend with these chic sunglasses that effortlessly combine fashion and function. The Guess 7348 captures the essence of sunglasses trends, ensuring you stand out in the crowd.

    Stylish Brown Hues:
    Enhance your style with the warm and stylish brown hues of these sunglasses. The versatile color adds a touch of sophistication, making them a perfect accessory for any women fashion ensemble.

    Progressive Lens Options:
    Customize your eyewear experience with progressive lens options. The Guess 7348 Sunglasses offer optimal vision correction, ensuring clarity and comfort in every moment.

    UV Protection:
    Fashion meets function with UV protection. Shield your eyes from harmful sun rays while making a bold fashion statement. These sunglasses are the perfect combination of style and eye safety.

    **Chic Eyewear Collection:**
    Join the fashion elite with the GU 7348 Collection by Guess. Elevate your style with sunglasses that not only define chic eyewear but also set the standard for high-quality frames.

    Guess Eyewear Legacy:
    Experience the legacy of Guess eyewear with the GU 7348 Sunglasses. Each pair reflects the brand's commitment to timeless design, making them a must-have in your fashion accessories collection.

    Indulge in the luxury of Guess Sunglasses – where high-quality frames, progressive elegance, and cat-eye charm come together to redefine your eyewear 
    experience. Step into the world of Guess and make a statement with the Guess 7348 Sunglasses.

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